Laura is a very conscientious and enthusiastic trainer. She explains the different moves and how they impact the body. She's very creative in developing new movements to keep the class interested...

- Odette

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Laura is a very conscientious and enthusiastic trainer. She explains the different moves and how they impact the body. She's very creative in developing new movements to keep the class interested. I have become stronger and am more conscience of my posture. She's courteous and caring.

- Odette

I have tried many different fitness classes and activities throughout my life, however none I have enjoyed as much as Pilates with Laura. I have seen amazing results in a very short time and this is very exciting to me. Laura cues through each exercise, so I know I am always doing them correctly and getting the most out of them. She also makes gentle corrections where needed and I feel well looked after under her watchful eye. I have bragged to all my friends about Laura, and I would recommend her class to anyone!

- Frances

Laura came highly recommended by a neighbour. We both found her suggestions very helpful. I was particularly appreciative of her attention to proper form. She has worked with several of our neighbours on our recommendation, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her again.

- Barry McIsaac

I have been training with Laura for the past 3 months and am very impressed with her ability to help me focus on my weak areas. Laura continuously ensures that my position, posture and motion is appropriate for each exercise to increase strength and to avoid injury. She switches up each routine to keep it interesting and to witness results!

- Julie Knisley

As our personal trainer for the past several years, Laura has been able to tune in beautifully to our individual needs. With her broad knowledge of different fitness approaches she has developed customized programs including weights, pilates and stretches which work really well for us. She brings not only her knowledge but also energy and enthusiasm to each session.Her positive approach has kept us on the right track!

- Marg and Stan Benner

If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable to a work-out schedule, then you can do no better than Laura Sparks. Laura comes to your home, is as cheerful at 8:00 am as she is at 1:00 in the afternoon. Due to my many injuries, Lauras creativity is called upon often to find new ways to exercise my muscles, especially on the days my body hurts too much and doesn't feel like co-operating. Instead of me giving up, she finds the solutions we need to continue to get results. I highly recommend her and have, many times

- Frankie Picasso - Author- Midlife Mojo

Laura was instrumental in helping me work on my core after I had a hip operation. I found that I was able to focus on my balance much better and I have now got stronger this and, my butt has improved strength too. Best Regards.

- Bryan Rogers age 69

Laura's influence makes me much more conscious of my lack of fitness, and drives me to keep that fitness level more in my conscious thinking than before. It is therefore easier to do something that will keep my fitness level up, such as walking or climbing stairs. The first thing that I think about Laura is her smile - how can you not work out when she smiles at you.

- Jim age 61

I wouldn't be as physically strong or have been able to lose weight without Laura's help. I think Laura is a great trainer and a wonderful person. I enjoy all of our workouts together. I look forward to my training sessions with her each week because she encourages me to do things more challenging that I thought I could do at the gym. When I wanted to give up Laura encouraged me to keep working out so that I would continue to see results and not fall back into my old less healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your expertise and encouragement.

- Parveeta age 27

Pilates Testimonials

Since, I have started doing pilates with Laura, I have noticed a difference in my posture, strength and muscle tone. I actually enjoy working out now and look forward to each session. Its a great, fun comfortable environment to be in and and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Nicole age 21

I participated in a couple sessions of Pilates classes taught by Laura at a time when I knew very little about the exercise. Laura was brilliant, knowledgeable and patient. Her teaching style is very positive and I feel like I learned so much by participating in her classes. I still use some of her tips and techniques today in my classes at the gym and feel like I benefited from her expertise immensely! Keep up the great work!

- Chantal LeBrun

If you have never done pilates before, Laura makes you feel so comfortable and explains the poses and techniques in everyday language. After the first class, you will feel stronger and more confident - not to mention you'll discover muscles that you didn't know you had! And it only gets better as the session goes on.

- Kim 32

Laura's friendly and bubbly personality put everyone in the class immediately at ease. She tailors the classes to the skill levels of everyone present. By the end of the class everyone feels that they've been challenged, but nobody feels like they couldn't keep up.

- Jenny 37

About Laura
At 15 or 16, I realized a talent for physical exercise and in enabling others to maintain healthy bodies. During those teen years, I was a lifeguard, swimming instructor and taught aqua fit...
In-home personal training is a unique service I have offered since 1998. In-home training is great for clients who are more comfortable in their own environment or who's lives are too busy to be...