Laura is a very conscientious and enthusiastic trainer. She explains the different moves and how they impact the body. She's very creative in developing new movements to keep the class interested...

- Odette

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Due to current circumstances all of Laura's Pilates Path Classes are taught on the Zoom Platform. Zoom is easy to use and you do not need to download anything to prepare for a class. Just click on the link I send you a few minutes before the class begins and I allow you to enter. You don't need to have your camera on, so you are able to have complete privacy. I do like to see your smiling face and make sure you are able to follow along.

please join me on your mat from the convenience of your own home. Lengthen and strengthen your body in one of my pilates classes. Learn to move from your core and with a fluid strength that will improve your ability in all other athletic endeavors. The schedule is set up so that all the classes are drop in so you can join in at any time. All levels of participants are welcome.

The following classes are taught by me on the Zoom Platform. People can contact me for the links to these classes and the prices.

Monday - Roller and Mat work Pilates 9:30 a.m. Int-Adv
Tuesdays - Strength and balance 9:30 a.m. Beg-Adv
Tuesdays - Standing and Roller Pilates 7:00 p.m. Beg-Adv
Wednesdays - Foundations and Roller 9:30 a.m. Beg-Int
Thursdays - Vertical Intensive-Strength & Balance 9:30 a.m. Int-Adv
Thursdays - Vertical Intensive-Strength & Balance 7:00 p.m. Int-Adv
Friday - Foundations and Classics with Roller 9:30 a.m. Int-Adv

The following classes are small group Strength and Balance Training courses.As we age we lose muscle mass and bone mass. The following class was designed with people in mind who would like to increase/maintain their muscle mass, bone mass and bone density. The strength portion of this program was inspired by the "Too Fit To Fracture", a program out of the University of Toronto. The balance portion are exercises taken from The Balance Gym, which is a system I have trained in from Z-Health and the neurology of strength.

Class Times Tuesdays 9:30 a.m.
Thursdays 10:40 a.m.

To participate in these classes you will need your own set of hand weights in your home, a decent amount of floor space, a mat or comfortable spot on the floor and a chair to use as a bench. Please wear shoes for the strength section of the class. Nobody likes to have a dumbbell dropped on their toes. You will also need a pointer as a focal point for the balance work. During the balance section of the class we work mostly with moving your head and focusing your eyes on one spot. This type of exercise trains your vestibular system and improves your balance. You will need to be barefoot and have something to hold onto for balance during this part of the class.

Contact Laura to plan an in home class
with you and your friends.

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At 15 or 16, I realized a talent for physical exercise and in enabling others to maintain healthy bodies. During those teen years, I was a lifeguard, swimming instructor and taught aqua fit...
In-home personal training is a unique service I have offered since 1998. In-home training is great for clients who are more comfortable in their own environment or who's lives are too busy to be...